A Transformational Spa Retreat

Join us for an engaging two day retreat and give yourself the tools to help create powerful change in your life.

Create the life you deserve

From a relaxing luxury venue, you will be given the tools and techniques to unlock your stressors, and help to develop a solid plan to support you in creating the life you truly desire.

  • Feel more connected to yourself
  • Create stronger relationships with the people around you
  • Gain the confidence to help you live the life you've been waiting for

An investment in yourself

Two days dedicated time just for you where you can pause, take a breath and allow yourself the time to clear your mind and get refocused on what you want.

Introducing Jude Daunt

Welcome to the BHappy Project -which I have developed in order to share my knowledge and passion for self-development with the people who need it most.

My aim is to create space for attendees to feel comfortable and relaxed, where they can unlock what has been stopping them from reaching their goals and figure out they want for their future. With the life tools we provide, it’s possible to stay on track and live in a more mindful, connected way.”

Learn more about Jude and her motivation behind the BHappy Project.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you know this is the right retreat for you?

We have collected together the most common questions we have been asked by atendees. If your question isn’t answered we are here to help.

Attendee Comments

  • I found the life coaching experience and working Jude really positive. I enjoyed the simplicity of some of the concepts and techniques she shared with me. Our sessions have helped me manage some of the complex problems I’ve faced over the last few months and on the whole I feel a lot stronger and confident.

    Previous Attendee
  • Depression and anxiety really don’t come with warning signs and can affect anyone at any time! I feel lucky to have found Jude at the right time in my life. Jude has really helped me regain control of my career, personal & professional relationships and well-being. Its been a few months since my last session with Jude and I can really notice the long-term positivity in my life.

    Previous Attendee
  • A massive thanks to Jude, she has helped me get my life back!! When I went to see Jude I felt lost and alone, I felt I had no choices in my life and everything felt a mess. With Jude’s help, I began to see my worth and that I had so many choices, she helped me see my potential and whilst it takes work and effort I’m now well on my way to achieving all I want from my life.Thanks Jude!!

    Previous Attendee
  • The whole retreat was brilliant. It was really enjoyable and very useful for me. I would recommend it to anyone who feels like they are stuck or have lost their sense of purpose in any aspect of their life as it will help enormously

    Previous Attendee
  • The BHAPPY Two Day Retreat at Ramside Hall was excellent. Jude is a highly skilled coach and is passionate regarding coaching and this course too.

    Previous Attendee